Welcome, drunks and veggie-lovers alike.

This is a space for stories, recipes, and the occasional pun. I’m much funnier if you’ve been drinking, so why don’t you head on over to my libations page for a little drinkspiration?

If you’re feeling more munchy than thirsty, take a look at my food page. There, you’ll find vegetarian-friendly recipes, tales from beyond the stove, and drink pairings. Be warned: I have a penchant for spice.

If neither of those options sound good, there’s a small chance you’ve fallen into an alcohol- and carb-induced internet K-hole.  Right this second, you’re probably laying supine with a laptop on your chest and crumbs dissolving in places where crumbs should never dissolve. It’s okay, I’ve been there. It gets better. Until then, go wild. Explore this blog. Open more tabs on your already crowded browser. In the morning, when you’re picking dried hummus out of your hair and wondering, “When did I lose control of my life? How could anyone love someone who sleeps in a nest of crumbs? Am I going to die alone?” you’ll welcome the distraction. Maybe one of my recipes will be the recipe that catches you a life-mate.

But maybe not. Maybe you will die alone. But hey: at least you’ll be well-fed.