Super spicy creamy hummus

I eat a lot of chickpeas. And when I say a lot, I mean it's actually probably unhealthy. In order to really show you how much of my diet consists of chickpeas, I took it upon myself to build a pie chart. I first fell in love with cicer arietinum (yeah I know the Latin name for … Continue reading Super spicy creamy hummus


Vegan Pierogi

Fact: if you grow up in West PA, you will have an unhealthy infatuation with all things potato and onion. This is doubly true if the most remarkable agricultural feature of your ancestral homeland is its barren earth (here's looking at you, Central Europe).  I often describe my grandmother as being a crotchety old Serbian woman, … Continue reading Vegan Pierogi

Hot Toddy

To quote Rick Grimes in Harry Potter and the Legend of Korra: "Winter is coming." Before that happens, it's best to preemptively store a paranoid amount of liquor and tea in your cupboard, liquor cabinet, under the floorboards, and next to ol' Spot in the pet cemetery out back -- you know, the usual hiding places. Last winter, my best friend Jess and … Continue reading Hot Toddy