Hot Toddy

To quote Rick Grimes in Harry Potter and the Legend of Korra: "Winter is coming." Before that happens, it's best to preemptively store a paranoid amount of liquor and tea in your cupboard, liquor cabinet, under the floorboards, and next to ol' Spot in the pet cemetery out back -- you know, the usual hiding places. Last winter, my best friend Jess and … Continue reading Hot Toddy


Vegan Whiskey Sour (an ode to aquafaba)

I suffer a never-ending love for all things chickpeas. However, it wasn't until a few days ago that I heard of yet another use for the magic beans. I'm talking about aquafaba, my friends. Chickpea brine. You know that yellow water you dump out of a can of chickpeas that smells vaguely like an old … Continue reading Vegan Whiskey Sour (an ode to aquafaba)